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case studies | Look Beyond

Case Studies

Peter Drucker once said, “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” I would like to add that, “If you want new ideas, you need to stop old practices.” For successful change management, every individual has to consciously and willingly agree to change either their mindsets, habits, or behaviors. We at Look Beyond help you explore these possibilities and partner with you to work on them. Our process purely facilitates and aids Individuals to tap their possibilities and look at the situation objectively from all angles and perspectives. This makes decision-making a completely mindful exercise. As the individuals get regularly coached, they get more insights and awareness into their behaviour and become a willing participant in desired change achievement. 

Given below are some such examples:

A Senior leader- head of a Sales Training Company needed help to become a more socially active person by getting over the challenge of his personal Time and Prioritisation. Through a 5 week coaching intervention, he became more active at social events and is now finely balancing Life and work successfully.

Another Senior Leader of a MNC was struggling with meeting Management expectations. He was closed to Coaching but went ahead with it. He reached his “Aha” solution and was overwhelmed at the power of Coaching. He is now a strong advocate of Coaching and its Power in finding Solutions. In fact, he engaged our services for his wife too, who is dealing with some different crisis at work.

Successfully did group coaching for some youngsters who wanted to break free and do their own thing without parental interference/guidance. This also involved separately understanding and addressing parental concerns before and whilst working with the younger group to help them find their wings and take flight.

Successfully assisted a Senior Leader with a situation at work that required him to boost the revenue of the company and he found himself frozen in situations where he was not able to make the desired headway. 7 weeks of partnering and we discovered how he could leverage on Emerging trends using E-commerce to get the momentum the company needed.

Another feather in the cap was the assignment with a doctor of a famous Hospital who was excellent in her work but due to her past experience was not comfortable working with particular team members and this was creating a roadblock in her path of success. We are still working on it but she has already experienced ‘the power of looking within and beyond’ and is forging ahead with confidence and strength by leading the team with new enthusiasm and vigour. All these are experiences of the Power of Belief, Discipline and Perseverance demonstrated at levels that are exemplary in themselves.

Successfully helped a unit in a Manufacturing firm get their act together and work towards Alignment with other teams to help increase efficiency and productivity of the Company. Assisted in managing the journey from Belief to Thoughts to Action whilst handling the emotional offsets and recognising triggers that were impending desired progress.

Actively involved with two NGO’s to help improve their Leadership team on Initiative and Accountability. Shared larger vision and how to work towards it systematically, thereby bringing in the desired outcomes through blended partnership. The used blend of Coaching and facilitation process of Gap Analysis and Integration Walk for the desired breakthrough.