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About us | Look Beyond

Look Beyond

“The greatest achievement in life is to have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind.” Mike Dillard. And nothing beats the skill of Creative Visualization when it comes to making this happen. It has been my dream to have a career that influences peoples’ lives and Society at large in a manner so as to leave a mark that shows betterment and growth. I believe that there is a solution for everything. It’s only that we as Individuals get caught up in the centre of the issue/challenge, and our vision get blurred. At times, doing it by ourselves can be challenging and a little help can go a long way.

That’s where Look Beyond is ready to step in and be the enabler to helping Individuals/Organisations partner up for discovering their own solutions for the way forward. Being the Enabler to such processes adds value and meaning to our life and we shall be happy to do our best for you. Our basic aim is to help our Clients be the best possible version of themselves, and they can begin to be that the moment they choose to be so. This journey of going from problems to solutions, from angst to fulfilment is simply about discovering and recreating oneself according to the situation one is in currently. This beautiful and fulfilling process can help us become the person we always wished we could be and We endeavour to do the same for you through our work.

Look Beyond is an entrepreneurial venture through which Parineeta provides her services of Coaching, Facilitation, and Consulting, both independently as well as in association with other Organizations/Partnerships. .